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Black Venom Rough

Power, spin and touch are the trademarks of this product. Polyfibre´s specially developed Standardized Molecular Distribution Technology (SMD) provides this string with long-lasting resilience as well as the necessary control. Through the application of olefins and a special corona coating the string has unique playing characteristics.

The mechanical incorporated structured surface provides the special grip of this string. The advantages of this string are: the string grabs the ball better, spin potential is maximized and string slippage is effectively prevented. Players will enjoy the combination of greater control and better feeling - the textured surface structure providing maximum comfort.

Polyfibre Black Venom rough is a string for the professional tour/topspin player whose game requires high levels of spin, control, power and feeling.

Power Skala
Control Skala
Durability Skala
Comfort Skala
Shock absorbtion Skala
Touch Skala
ø 1.25 mm


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