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The Polyfibre Cobra is the next generation of string technology. This is the first string to be manufactured from a new type of modified polyethylene. It offers an unprecedented level of comfort, similar to that of a gut string. The string is pre-stretched, giving maximum tension stability. It has a special rippled surface for more power and spin, as the strain energy generated during the stringing process is released when the ball is hit. The player gets exceptional power while retaining optimum control over the ball. A string for players who want maximum power for minimum striking force, excellent feel and first class arm protection.

Power Skala
Control Skala
Durability Skala
Comfort Skala
ø 1.20 mm
ø 1.25 mm
ø 1.30 mm


Kirchstraße 2 – 4
56357 Pohl

Contact person

Friedhold Stahlheber
Tel.: +49 (0)6772 / 83 86
Fax: +49 (0)3222 / 68 27 881