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Polyfibre – Creating Winners

Polyfibre distributes over 30 different, high quality tennis strings "Made in Germany". All Polyfibre-Products apply the identification to be very arm-friendly with a constant stringing tension and a high resilience. Player benefit from a reliable, constant dynamic playing characteristics over a long periode.

Polyfibre is partner of the tennis excellence centre managed by Stefan Edberg and Carl Hageskoog in Växjö (Sweden). Here we are currently testing Polyfibre strings and new developments to assure the best quality standard.


Product – Innovation

Announcement: Polyfibre „Panthera”

It is time to play with the ferocity of a panther and the cunning of this big cat. Polyfibre Panthera incorporates the characteristics you need for this aggressive style of play. Its crisp, precise feel imparts the needed control and touch that compliments drop shots that drop hard and corner shots that your opponent has no chance of returning. It is a hard hitting string when you need to rely on forceful forehands, backhands and volley put aways. The combination of two different polyester materials has resulted in a technological advancement that gives Panthera a tacky characteristic: The string actually grips the ball for optimal spin control. Panthera is easy on the arm and hard on the competition. Our unique Standardized Molecular Distribution (SMD) technology insures you will get the tension maintenance, durability and dampening qualities that are the hallmark of our high performance strings.

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